Tongue Twisters

This page contains the Phrase Friends cheat database for the category Tongue Twisters.

Tongue TwistersNumber
First Word Letters
Yally Bally Had a Jolly Golliwog.6275
Triple Dickle2126
Six Slimy Snails Sailed Silently5283
Old Mr Hunt Had A Cuddy Punt7223
Frogfeet, Flippers, Swimfins3248
I Eat Eel While You Peel Eel7221
Santa’s Short Suit Shrunk4216
Bobby Bippy Bought A Bat5205
Eddie Edited It3135
Pirates Private Property3227
Knife and a Fork Bottle and a Cork8275
Silly Sheep Weep And Sleep5225
Tie Twine to Three Tree Twigs6243
I Stood Sadly on the Silver Steps7271
Nothing Is Worth Thousands of Deaths6317
Octopus Ocular Optics3197
Caution: Wide Right Turns4217
I’ll Chew And Chew Until My Jaws Drop8293
Pete’s Pa Pete Poked to the Pea Patch8295
I Was Born on a Pirate Ship7211
Scissors Sizzle, Thistles Sizzle4288
He Threw Three Balls.4172
Mommy Made Me Eat My M&Ms6195
Seventy Seven Benevolent Elephant4207
She Sees Cheese3133
Willy’s Real Rear Wheel4196
I Wish You Were a Fish in My Dish9251
The Queen in Green Screamed5233
Old Mr. Hunt Had a Cuddy Punt7223
You Can’t Can Any Candy Can6213
Three Short Sword Sheaths4225
A Cat Snaps A Rat’s Paxwax.6201
'M A Sock Cutter And I Cut Socks8241
He Threw Three Free Throws.5222
I See A Sea Down by The Seashore8251
She Saw Sheriff’s Shoes on the Sofa7282
We’re Real Rear Wheels4184
Willie’s Really Weary3187
Six Sleek Swans Swam Swiftly5243
A Tree Toad Loved a She-Toad6221
Red Buick Blue Buick4173
Two Tried and True Tridents5233
Dust Is a Disk’s Worst Enemy6224
Rolling Red Wagons3167
Truly Rural2105
Red Blood Blue Blood4173
Wayne Went to Wales to Watch Walruses7315
Snap Crackle Pop3144
Don’t Sell Your Mule To Buy A Plow.8264
Supposed To Be Pistachio4218
Thin Grippy Thick Slippery.4234
He Gobbled the Cakes on His Plate7272
What A Terrible Tongue Twister5264
Fresh French Fried Fly Fritters5275
Swatch Watch2116
One Of Us Must Go5133
Rudder Valve Reversals3206
Old Mrs. Hunt Had a Cuddy Punt7233
Seventy Seven Benevolent Elephants4317
Will You, William?3144
World Wide Web3125
Six Sleek Swans Swam Swiftly Southwards6343
Why Do You Cry, Willy5163
One Smart Fellow, He Felt Smart6253
A Cat Snaps A Rats Paxwax6201
Polly Billy Had a Jelly Polliwog6275
Is It Not Meningitis4172
Polly Billy Had A Jelly Polliwog6275
Fresh French Fried Fry Fritters5275


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