Summer Activities

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Summer ActivitiesNumber
First Word Letters
Eat Corn On The Cob5153
Learn How to Surf
Sitting Outside at a Cafe5217
Feel the Sun on Your Back6204
Ride a Roller Coaster4184
Take A Jog Outside4154
Make Smoothies2134
Dig Your Own Clams4153
Eat A Whole Lobster4163
See the Cherry Blossoms4203
Win A Prize at the Fair6183
Catch Fireflies at Night4215
Pick Berries at a Farm5184
Make A Summer Playlist4194
Play With Water Balloons4214
Play Miniature Golf3174
Sit on a Porch Swing5163
Create a Photo Journal4196
Climb A Tree3105
Invent a New Type of Pizza6216
Wear Open-Toed Shoes3174
Have a Garage Sale4154
Make S’mores2104
Bury a Friend in the Sand6204
Watching the Grass Grow4208
Have a Pool Party4144
Nap in a Hammock4133
Dance To Reggae Music4185
Smell Freshly Cut Grass4205
Grow a Tomato Plant4164
Have a Picnic in the Park6204
Feed the Ducks at a Pond6194
Tie-Dye Your Clothes3176
Visit the Zoo3115
Paint Your Toe Nails4175
Plan a Summer Vacation4194
Read a Good Novel4144
Sit Outside at a Cafe5173
It’s Carnival Time3153
Fly a Kite On a Hill6153
Go to an Outdoor Concert5202
See the Fireworks3153
Play Hopscotch2134
Have a Barbecue3134
Watch the Sun Rise4155
Go to a Baseball Game5172
Make A Music Video4154
Plan And Enjoy A Luau5174
Blow Bubbles2114
Go Horseback Riding3172
Swim In a Lake4114
Eat A Ripe Peach4133
Swing On The Swings4165
No School282
Sip A Sweating Glass of Iced Tea7263
Go Camping In The Wilderness5242
Repaint Your Room A Calming Color6287
Ride a Bike with Your Friends6244
Mix Up A Pitcher Of Sangria6223
Skip Stones Across A Pond5214
Watch The Sunset From a Beach6245
See All The Oscar Winning Movies6273
Pick Flowers For Your Mother5244
Get Caught in a Summer Rainstorm6273
Stock Up On Your Favorite Ice Cream7295
Have A Wet T-Shirt Relay Race6234
Stargaze While Laying in The Grass6298
Decorate Your Home With Fresh Tulips6318
Plant New Flowers or Trees in The Yard8315
Visit the Jelly Belly Factory5255
Walk on the Boardwalk4184
Play Fetch With Your Dog5204
Take a Last Minute Road Trip6234
Make Lemonade From Scratch4234
Go Kayaking or Canoeing4202
Visit a Farm To See The Animals7255
Roll Up Your Pant Legs and Go Wading8294
Have a Basketball Free Throw Contest6314
Walk Barefoot In the Grass5224
Toss a Frisbee With Your Family6264
See a Classic Summer Movie5223
Have An Overnight Movie Marathon5284
Eat a Slice of Watermelon5213
Dangle Your Feet Off a Dock6226
Go Dancing In the City5182
Sleep With The Windows Open5235
Walk Across The City Bridge5234
Bring A Blanket And Lay On The Grass8295
See A Movie At The Drive-In6213
Make A Friendship Bracelet4234
Make The Best Ice Cream Sandwich6274
Shocked As A Tipped Cow5197
Look For A Four-Leaf Clover5224
Collect Seashells at The Beach5267
Learn How To Grill A Hamburger6255
Have A Car Wash To Fundraise For A Club9314
Rent A Boat and Go Fishing6214
Stargaze While Lying In The Grass6288
Bake Cupcakes With Pink Frosting5284
Take a Nap Under a Shaded Tree7244
Build a Sand Castle At The Beach7265
Radiated Tortoise2168
Play Tennis With Your Friends5254


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  1. “Have a barbecue” under the category Summer Activities is spelled with a “q” in the database. The correct answer is spelled with a “c.”

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