This page contains the Phrase Friends cheat database for the category Occupations.

First Word Letters
Infantry Officers2168
Marine Surveyor2146
Community Welfare Worker3229
Parking Lot Attendant3197
Athletic Trainer2156
Real Estate Appraiser3194
Chemical Equipment Operator3258
Office Clerk2116
Casino Pit Boss3136
Naval Aircrewman2155
Dry Wall Installer3163
Forest Fire Inspector3196
New Accounts Clerk3163
Real Estate Lawyer3164
Sociology Professor2189
Petroleum Refinery Operator3259
Labor Relations Advisor3215
Police Officer2136
Brattice Builder2158
Patent Agent2116
Wildlife Control Agent3208
Screen Writer2126
Property Managers2168
Music Director2135
Ballet Dancer2126
License Clerk2127
Sanitary Engineer2168
Glass Blower2115
Rail Yard Engineers3174
Credit Reporter2146
Art Therapist2123
Carpet Installer2156
Fashion Designer2157
Manual Arts Therapist3196
Film Editor2104
Freight and Stock Handler4227
Farm Equipment Mechanic3214
Script Editor2126
Marking Clerk2127
Flight Engineers2156
Fish & Game Warden3144
Financial Examiner2179
Court Reporter2135
Hospital Nurse2138
Technical Directors2189
Railroad Engineer2168
Gluing Machine Operators3226
Fire Inspector2134
Medical Equipment Preparer3247
Criminal Lawyer2148
Field Health Officer3185
Soil Engineer2124
Police Artist2126
Ceramic Engineer2157
Court Clerk2105
Teacher of the Blind4177
Animal Breeder2136
Exhibit Artist2137
Casting Director2157
Furniture Designer2179
Mining Machine Operator3216
Web Art Director3143
Safety Inspector2156
Chemistry Professor2189
Petroleum Geologist2189
Casino Dealer2126
Credit Analyst2136
Subway Operator2146
Copy Writer2104
Medical Secretary2167
Computer Systems Engineer3238
Foreign Student Adviser3217
Bank Examiner2124
High School Teacher3174
Education Professor2189
Postal Service Clerks3196
Wildlife Biologist2178
Lathe Operator2135
Operating Engineers2189
Dental Hygienist2156
Clergy Member2126
Bank Teller2104
Animal Trainer2136
Radio Operators2145
Camp Director2124
Radio & TV Talk Show Host5195
Wholesale Buyers2159
Mental Health Counselor3216
Sports Physician2156
Sawing Machine Operator3216
Animal Control Worker3196
Urban and Regional Planner4235
Fish Farmer2104
Chief Financial Officer3215
Package Designer2157
Bus Driver293
Fashion Model2127
Airline Flight Attendant3227
Resource Teacher2158
Marine Engineer2146
Heavy Equipment Mechanic3225
Aircraft Assembler2178
Highway Patrol Pilot3187
Criminal Justice Professor3248
Deaf Students Teacher3194
Casino Floor Person3176
Residence Counselor2189
Probation Officer2169
Stress Analyst Engineer3216
Etchers and Engravers3197
Watch Repairers2145
Military Officer2158
Tax Collector2123
Graphic Designer2157
Geography Professor2189
Quality Control Engineer3227
Parole Officer2136
Signal Switch Repairers3216
Utility Meter Reader3187
Nuclear Engineer2157
Electric Motor Mechanic3218
Job Printer2103
Traffic Agent2127
Bus Boy263
Hardwood Floor Finisher3218
Motion Picture Director3216
Food & Drug Inspector3174
Meat Packers2114
Fitness Trainer2147
Materials Engineer2179
Benefits Manager2158
Craft Artist2115
Fashion Artist2137
School Counselor2156
Music Teacher2125
Ambulance Drivers2169
Retail Buyer2116
Weighers and Measurers3208
Hydraulic Engineer2179
Math Professor2134
Gas Plant Operator3163
Motor Vehicle Inspector3215
Fine Artist2124
Audio and Video Equipment Technician5325
Internal Auditor2158
Preschool Teacher2169
Title Examiner2135
Security Guard2138
Air Crew Member3133
Farm Manager2114
Home Appliance Installer3224
Ship Master2104
Tool And Die Makers4164
Market Research Analyst3216
Standards Engineer2179
Cabinet Maker2127
Art Appraiser2123
Model Maker2105
Motorboat Mechanic2179
Admiralty Lawyer2159
Forging Machine Operator3227
Patent Lawyer2126
Legal Assistant2145
Crane Operator2135
Harbor Master2126
Chemical Plant Operator3218
Weather Observer2157
Materials Scientist2189
Exhibit Designer2157
Human Resources Management Advisor4315
PBX Installer and Repairer4233
Food Batchmaker2144
Hotel Manager2125
Pesticide Handlers2179
Nursery Workers2147
Animal Keepers And Groomers4246
Dental Assistant2156
Home Economics Teacher3204
Crossing Guard2138
Travel Agent2116
Law Professor2123
Aircraft Mechanic2168
Farmers And Ranchers3187
Child Support Services Worker4265
Town Clerk294
Postal Service Mail Carriers4256
Sales Engineers2145
Airport Design Engineer3217
Health Case Manager3176
Mechanical Drafter21710
Custom Tailor2126
Aquarium Curator2158
Computer Operators2178
Commercial Fisherman21910
Library Assistant2167
Metal Casting Machine Operator4275
Employment And Placement Specialist43210
Industrial Engineer21810
Septic Tank and Sewer Servicers5276
Fence Installer2145
Foreign Exchange Trader3217
Nuclear Monitoring Technician3277
Irrigation Engineer21810
Farm Labor Contractor3194
Excavating Machine Operator31510
Plastic Surgeon2147
Casino Cashier2136
Ship Engineers2134
Ship Pilot294
Tax Preparer2113
Hazardous Waste Management Analyst4319
ATM Machine Servicer3183
Child Life Specialist3195
Electric Meter Installer3228
Personnel Recruiter2189
Marine Architect2156
Petroleum Laboratory Assistant3289
Industrial Hygienist21910
Animation Cartoonist2199
Political Scientist2189
Elementary School Teacher32310
Laboratory Tester Land Surveyor42810
Water Pollution Control Inspector4305
Air Traffic Controller3203
Bus and Truck Mechanics4203
Music Producer2135
Airfield Operations Specialist3288
Solar Energy Systems Designer4265
Psychology Professor21910
Sales Promoter2135
Electronic Drafter21710
Social Work Professor3196
Electrical Technician22010
Paste-Up Worker2137
Insurance Policy Processing Clerk4309
Mining Shovel Machine Operator4276
Home Appliance Repairer3214
Pest Control Workers3184
Computer Aided Design Technician4298
Counter and Rental Clerks4227
Medical Insurance Claims Analyst4297
Correction Officer21710
Medical Examiner2157
Legal Secretary2145
Vending Machine Mechanic3227
Credit Adjuster2146
Insurance Appraiser2189
Personnel Assistant2189
Purchasing Manager21710
Tile and Marble Setters4204
Harbor, Lakes & Waterways Police4266
Middle School Guidance Counselor4296
Mine Cutting Machine Operator4264
Screen Printing Machine Operators4306
Team Assemblers2144
Marine Drafter2136
Ordinary Seamen2148
Automotive Glass Installer32410
Home Economist2134
Bank and Branch Managers4214
Motorcycle Mechanic21810
Landscape Contractor2199
Fire Prevention Engineer3224
Cargo and Freight Agents4215
Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor4318
Billing Specialist2177
Health Educators2156
Title Searchers2145
Quality Control Technician3247
Tree Trimmers and Pruner4214
File Clerk294
Pressure Vessel Inspectors3248
Mechanical Engineer21810
Pediatric Dentist2169
Fishery Worker Supervisor3237
Scanner Operators2167
Ceiling Tile Installer3207
Cost Estimator2134
Crop Workers Supervisor3214
Accounting Specialist22010
Structural Engineer21810
Foreign Language Translator3257
Tax Auditor2103
Treatment Plant Operators3239
Infantry Officers2168
Control Center Specialist3237
Outdoor Education Teacher3237
Non-Retail Sales Supervisor3249
Graduate Teaching Assistant3258
Industrial Health Engineer32410
Mapping Technician2177
Computer Science Professor3248
Greenhouse and Nursery Manager42710
Textile Cutting Machine Operators4307
Sheet Metal Workers3175
Cutting Machine Operators3237
Statement Clerks2159
Insurance Agent2149
Boat Builder2114
Machine Feeders and Offbearers4277
Hazardous Materials Removal Worker4319
Business Service Specialist3258
Sales Floor Stock Clerk4205
Materials Inspector2189
Resource Recovery Engineer3248
Library Technician2177
Radio & TV Announcer3165
Truck Driver, Long Distance4235
Compliance Officer21710
Animal Husbandry Worker Supervisor4316
Insurance Claims Clerks3219
Meat, Poultry, and Fish Trimmers5264
Bicycle Mechanic2157
Logging Tractor Operator3227
Clinical Dietitian2178
Insurance Claims Adjuster3239
Small Engine Mechanics3205
Probate Lawyer2137
Historical Archivist21910
Factory Layout Engineer3217
Business Professor2178
Cement Mason2116
Financial Services Sales Agent4279
Government Budget Analyst32310
Structural Drafter21710
Animal Kennel Supervisor3226
Nuclear Power Reactor Operator4277
City Planning Aide3164
Family Caseworker2166
Radiation Protection Engineer3279
Newspaper Writer2159
School Nurse2116
Speech Writer2126
Financial Aid Counselor3219
County or City Auditor4196
Die Cutter Operator3173
Social Science Research Assistants4316
Customs Inspector2167
Prosthetic Technician22010
Aircraft Examiner2168
Law Clerks293
Philosophy And Religion Professor43010
Licensed Practical Nurse3228
Floral Designer2146
Human Resources Management Consultant4345
Power-Line Installer and Mechanic4299
Travel Counselor2156
Door to Door Salesmen4184
Taxi Drivers And Chauffeurs4244
Industrial Air Pollution Analyst42910
Funeral Director2157
Rail Road Inspector3174
Veterinary Assistant21910
Bridge and Lock Tenders4206
Employee Training Instructor3268
Mail Clerk294
Stationary Engineers21910
Truck Driver, Light Duty4205
Electrical Drafter21710
Logging Worker Supervisor3237
Soil Scientist2134
Surgical Technician2188
Nurse's Aide2106
Marine Cargo Surveyor3196
Hearing Officer2147
Marine and Aquatic Biologist4256
Missionary Worker21610
Peace Corps Worker3165
Property Accountant2188
Postal Service Mail Sorter4236
Electrical Engineers21910
Sports Agent2116
Fish Hatchery Specialist3224
Film Laboratory Technician3244
Ship Carpenters And Joiners4244
Offset Press Operators3206
Bindery Machine Set-Up Operators4287
Game Runner2104
Word Processing Specialist3244
Tax Lawyer293
Adjustment Clerk21510
Broadcast Technician2199
Career Counselor2156
Mining Engineer2146
Military Analyst2158
Municipal Fire Fighting Supervisor4319
Pharmacy Aides2138
Medical Assistant2167
Community Health Nurse3209
Travel Writer2126
Answering Service Operator3249
Livestock Commission Agent3249
Radio & TV Producer3155
Financial Analyst2169
Library Consultant2177
Civil Engineer2135
High School Guidance Counselor4274
Facilities Planner21710
Library Science Professor3237
Casino Manager2136
Radio Mechanics2145
Building Site Manager3198
Private Sector Executives3237
Job Analyst2103
Art Director2113
History Professor2167
Insurance Lawyer2159
Teachers Aide2128
Mail Machine Operators3204
Log Graders and Scalers4203
Makeup Artists – Theatrical3236
Medical Laboratory Technician3277
Packers and Packagers, Hand4237
Government Service Executives32710
Transit And Railroad Police4247
Furniture Finishers2189
Poets And Lyricists3175
Massage Therapist2167
Hosts And Hostesses3175
Office Supervisor2166
Computer Software Engineers3258
Ship Mate284
Disabled Students Teacher3238
Set Designer2113
Animal Scientist2156
Loan Officer2114
Interior Designer2168
Retail Store Manager3186
Computer Software Technician3268
Tour Guide294
Engine And Machine Assemblers4266
Pressing Machine Operator3238
Couriers And Messengers3218
Medical Records Technician3247
Police and Detectives Supervisor4296
Model Makers, Metal And Plastic5265
Art, Drama, and Music Professor5253
Steel Workers2125
Music Therapist2145
Radiation Therapist2189
Office Machine Mechanic3216
Amusement Park & Recreation Attendants4339
Insurance Estate Planner3229
Wildlife Biologist2178
Home Health Aide3144
Dental Laboratory Technician3266
Middle School Teacher3196
Fire Protection Engineer3224
Ballistics Expert21610
Subway And Streetcar Conductor4276
Sales Managers2135
Farm Products Purchasing Agent4274
Plasterers And Stucco Masons42510
Order Clerk2105
Social and Community Service Managers5336
Numerical Tool Programmer3239
Desktop Publishing Specialist3277
Social Service Volunteer3226
Park Naturalist2144
Funeral Attendant2167
Shoe Machine Operator3194
Restaurant Manager21710
Child Care Worker3155
Petroleum Technician2199
Mill Worker2104
Substance Abuse Counselor3239
Telephone Station Installers3269
Excavating Supervisor22010
Power Plant Operators3195
Directory Assistance Operator3279
Costume Attendant2167
Casino Cage Worker3166
Social Worker2126
Budget Accountant2166
Brokerage Clerk2149
Pharmacy Technician2188
Forest Engineer2146
Overhead Door Installer3218
Loan Counselor2134
Field Contractor2155
Biological Technician22010
Aircraft Launch And Recovery Specialist5358
Computer Hardware Technician3268
Recreation Leader21610
Scientific Linguist21810
Private Nurse2127
Quarry Worker2126
Athletic director2168
Art Restorer2113
Computer Security Specialist3268
Geological Technician22010
Marriage And Family Therapists4278
Metal Fabricator2155
Physical Therapy Assistant3248
Broadcast News Analyst3209
General Internists2177
Budget Analyst2136
Industrial Machinery Mechanics32810
Production Planner21710
Hotel and Motel Desk Clerks5235
Radio & TV Sports Announcer4225
Nursing Professor2167
Economics Professor2189
Casino Slot Machine Mechanic4256


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