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Mom SayingsNumber
First Word Letters
Life Isn’t Fair3124
Do You Live To Annoy Me?6182
What Kind of A Grade Is That?7224
I’m Doing This For Your Own Good7252
Who Said Life Was Going To Be Easy?8273
I'm Going To Skin You Alive6212
Don’t Run in the House5174
Money Does Not Grow On Trees6235
Just Wait Until We Get Home6224
Over My Dead Body4144
You’re Just Like Your Father.5235
Don’t Look At Me With Those Eyes7254
Don’t Ask Me Why. The Answer is No8254
Look At Me When I'm Talking To You8264
Because I Said So, That’s Why6227
Go Play Outside3132
Watch Your Language3175
Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around7274
Think of Those Poor Starving Children6325
Who Died and Left You Boss?6213
You Don’t Always Get What You Want7273
Now Say You're Sorry.4163
I’ve Had It Up To Here With You.8233
Shut Your Mouth and Eat5194
Beds Aren’t Made For Jumping On6254
Well, People in Hell Want Ice Water7284
Enough Is Enough3146
When I Was A Little Girl…6194
Don’t Use That Tone With Me6214
Are You Deaf Or Something?5213
Nobody Asked You3146
It’s No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk7273
I’m Not Asking, I’m Telling5202
If Wishes Were Horses….4182
Do As I Say, Not As I Do.8162
Answer Me When I ask You a Question8286
So It’s Raining? You’re Not Sugar6252
I’m Not Your Waitress4172
You Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It8243
A Little Birdy Told Me5181
You Better Wipe That Look Off Your Face8323
Don’t You Use That Tone With Me7244
I Don’t Have To Explain Myself6241
You Kids Are Trying to Drive Me Crazy8303
Don’t Pick Your Nose In Public6244
You Will Always Be My Baby6213
Call Me When You Get There6214
Someone Is Going To End Up Crying7277
Shut Your Mouth And Eat Your Supper7294
Don’t Make Me Come In There6214
Turn That Racket Down4184
Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover7244
What Did I Say The First Time7234
No, I Don’t Know Where Your Socks Are8282
When Will You Be Back?5174
Who Taught You That?4163
Little Pitchers Have Big Ears5256
Don’t Eat That, You’ll Get Worms6244
One Day You’ll Thank Me5183
Clean Up After Yourself4205
Don’t Go Out With A Wet Head.7224
Are Your Legs Broken?4173
Pick Up Your Feet4144
Who Are You Going With? Do I Know Them?9293
Do You Think This Is A Hotel?7222
What, Am I Made Of Money?6184
Did You Brush Your Teeth?5203
Where Are You Going?4165
I'm Not Your Cleaning Lady5212
You Have An Answer For Everything6283
It's Not That I Don't Trust You.7233
Children Are To Be Seen, Not Heard7278
I'm Not Running a Taxi Service6242
I Will Always Love You5181
God Gave You A Brain, Use It.7213
You Are Getting On My Last Nerve7263
Don't Pick That Scab4164
Will The Parents Be Home?5204
I Don't Know Is Not An Answer7221
Where Did You Leave It Last?6225
Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full6254
You Should Know Better4193
Running Away? I'll Help You Pack!6257
Stop Acting Like Your Father5244
Don't Make Me Tell You Again6224
You Just Ate An Hour Ago6193
I Hope You Don’t Kiss Me With That Mouth9311
Those Poor Starving Children4255
Go Ask Your Father4152
Let's Play The Quiet Game5204
Don't Stay Up Too Late5174
I'm Not Your Maid!4132
This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You8294
You Could Have Called4183
Do You Think You Were Born In A Barn9282
Cupcakes Are Not A Breakfast Food6288
Is Your Homework Finished?4222
Were You Raised By Wolves?5214
Someone Better Be Bleeding.4237
How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You9283
Leave Your Sister Alone4205
I Was Never Bored At Your Age7231
Where Do You Think You're Going?6255
Be Good262
Are You Going Out Dressed Like That?7293
Who Do You Think You Are?6193
Isn't It Past Your Bedtime?5214
I Can't Believe You Did That6221
Did You Clean Your Room?5203
Knit A Scarf3104
How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You?9283
Wipe Your Feet3124
Don't Make Me Pull This Car Over; Shut Up And Answer Me!12424
Are You Lying To Me?5153
I Need Your Dirty Bed Covers!6231
Why Does Your Bedroom Smell!5233
I'm Going To Skin You Live6202
Don't Make Me Get Up5154
I'm Not Asking I'm Telling5202
Go Play Outside!3132
I'm Not Your Maid4132
I'm Hungry292
Enough Is Enough!3146
Follow Your Heart3156


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