Famous Last Words

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Famous Last WordsNumber
First Word Letters
I Am Perplexed. Satan, Get Out!6231
My Work Is Done, Why Wait?6192
Home to the Palace to Die6204
Tell Them I’ve Had A Wonderful Life.7284
Work Hard To Gain Your Own Salvation.7304
Friends Applaud, The Comedy Is Over.6297
I’m Going Away Tonight.4182
My God. What’s Happened?4182
I Die Happy391
On The Contrary3132
What Do I Tell The Pilot To Do?8234
This Hath Not Offended The King.6264
I Hope I Haven’t Bored You.6201
I Told You I Was Ill.6151
Thomas Jefferson?2156
This Is a Hell of a Way To Die9224
He’d Be Late For His Own Funeral7253
Do You Hear The Rain?5162
Now I Can Cross the Shifting Sands7283
My Fun Days Are Over5162
Thank God, I Have Done My Duty7235
So Little Done, So Much To Do7222
The Paper Burns, But The Words Fly Free8313
I Have Not Told Half of What I Saw9261
What Would You Like On Your Tombstone?7314
I Feel Ill. Call the Doctors.6221
Find Out What’s Happening4214
You have Won, O Galilean5193
I’m Shot262
Let’s Roll284
Put Out the Bloody Cigarette!5243
Die? I Should Say Not, Dear Fellow7263
Is It Not Meningitis4172
I Love You More4121
Are You All Right?4143
Tomorrow, I Shall No Longer Be Here.7298
The Play Is Over. Applaud5203
I Do Not Believe In My Death7221
Don’t Disturb My Circles!4204
Nothing But Death3157
Don’t Die Like I Did5154
Let Not Poor Nelly Starve5213
A King Should Die Standing.5221
I Can’t Sleep.3101
Relax - This Won’t Hurt.4175
That Was A Great Game Of Golf, Fellers8304
The Fog Is Rising4143
I’d Rather Be Fishing4172
One Of Us Must Go5133
I Have Tried So Hard To Do the Right.9281
No, You Certainly Can’t.4182
Bugger, Bognor.2126
Is It The Fourth?4132
The Play Is Over, Applaud!5203
I Wish I'd Drunk More Champagne.6251
It's Stopped.2103
Please Don't Let Me Fall.5196
Don't You Dare Ask God To Help Me8254
To The Strongest!3142
You have Won, O Galilean.5193
I'd Rather Be Skiing.4162
Strike The Tent3136
Let's Roll.284
Now Why Did I Do That?6163
I'm Shot262
Don't Die Like I
Goodbye Kid. Hurry Back4197
Now Comes The Mystery4183
… The Fog is Rising.4123
Be An Extra In A Film6162


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