Everyday Actions

This page contains the Phrase Friends cheat database for the category Everyday Actions.

Everyday ActionsNumber
First Word Letters
Plan a Vacation3134
Take Notes in Class4164
Hang up New Artwork4164
Draw a Portrait3134
Download a Song3138
Rent a Movie3104
Roll Through a Stop Sign5204
Create a Portfolio3166
Climbing up a Ladder4178
Visit the Doctor3145
Clean the Windows3155
Wash Your Hair3124
Check Your Voicemail3185
Set Your Alarm3123
Watch a Show on TV5145
Run Over a Squirrel4163
Read The TV Schedule4174
Wolf Down Your Food4164
Read the Newspaper3164
Wash Your Face3124
Butter Your Toast3156
Sit Down for Dinner4163
Paint Your Nails3145
Use a Subway Token4153
Wake up Early3114
Take a Digital Picture4194
Play the Guitar3134
Get up and Out of Bed6163
Get a Manicure3123
Kiss Your Partner3154
Shave Your Beard3145
Fall Asleep on the Bus5184
Go Out on a Date5122
Purchase a New TV4148
Check a Website3135
Get Your Daily Exercise4203
Listen to Music on the Radio6236
Give Away Old Clothes4184
Hire a Baby Sitter4154
Take a Bath394
Study For Your Test4165
Get Your Car Detailed4183
Shave Your Mustache3175
Work on the Computer4174
Stream a Movie3126
Apply Makeup2115
Pay With a Credit Card5183
Chew and Swallow Food4184
Get a Tattoo3103
Turn Out The Lights4164
Drink a Chocolate Milkshake4245
Text While Driving3164
Clip Your Cuticles3164
Alexandra Will You Marry Me?5239
Clean the House3135
Play a Board Game4144
Leave a Voicemail3155
One Leg at a Time5133
Get a New Pack of Gum6163
Order Take Out Food4165
Charge Your Cell Phone4196
Get Ready for Bed4143
Cook Dinner2104
Make A Smoothie at Home5194
Eating a Sandwich3156
Fight with a Friend4165
Double Check the Stove4196
Send Out Birthday Cards4204
Catch a Show3105
Open the Door For a Lady6194
Cross The Street3145
Get Undressed2123
Feed the Baby3114
Feed the Cat3104
Go On a Hike492
Pull the Fire Alarm4164
Bleach Your Hair3146
Go On a Roadtrip4132
Iron Your Clothes3154
Fix Yourself a Drink4173
Make a Telephone Call4184
Workout With a Friend4187
Sing in a Choir4124
Take Your Medicine3164
Choose an Outfit3146
Sync Your Mobile Device4204
Make the Bed3104
Carry Your Backpack3175
Drive Your Car3125
Fall Asleep in a Meeting5204
Check Your Bank Statement4225
Write A Check3115
Walking the Dog3137
RSVP to an Invite4144
Perform a Song on Stage5197
Drive to the Station4175
Put on Deodorant3143
Buy a New Pair of Shoes6183
Ride Your Bike3124
Whiten Your Teeth3156
Have A Good Day4124
Teaching a Class3148
Go to Work382
Make a Shopping List4174
Talk to a Friend4134
Download New Songs3168
Put the Trash Out4143
Tying Your Shoes3145
Paint a Ceramic Mug4165
Walk to School3124
Challenge Yourself2179
Call Your Mother3144
Have an Argument3144
Open a Bank Account4164
Collect Vintage Items3197
Watch the Sun Set4145
Shine Your Shoes3145
Turn off the Lights4164
Eat A Fruit Parfait4163
Chew A Piece of Gum5154
Bring Home Flowers3165
Drive to the Train Station5225
Write a Todo List4145
Do Your Homework at Night5212
Clean Up Cat Litter4165
Sleep in Late3115
Answer Emails2126
Get Your Car Repaired4183
Knit a Scarf3104
Take a Picture3124
Write a Letter3125
Vacuum the Carpet3156
Ride the Train3124
Clip Your Nails3134
Spend Time Alone3145
Watch a Football Game4185
Take a Shower3114
Feed The Dog3104
Put Wax on Your ‘Stache5183
Make Some Tea3114
Go to the Bathroom4152
Search the Internet3176
Take a Stroll3114
Go to a Concert4122
Call the Police3134
Hail a Taxi Cab4124
Brush Your Hair3135
Pet An Animal3113
Replace Your Batteries3207
Put the Dishes Away4163
Take Your Clothes Off4184
Do the Laundry3122
Channel Surf2117
Chew Someone Out3144
Prepare Breakfast2167
Sick as a Dog4104
Paint Your Toe Nails4175
Put On Your Clothes4163
Talk on the Telephone4184
Have a Sip of Water5154
Brush Your Teeth3145
Watching The Grass Grow4208
Eat Ice Cream3113
Forget Your Password3186
Change Your Batteries3196
Wag More, Bark Less4153
Eat Lunch at Schafer4173
Eat Corn on the Cob5153
Go On A Road Trip5132
Go Horseback Riding3172
Going For a Walk4135
Sit Outside at a Cafe5173
Drive Over The Speed Limit5225
Say Something Nice To A Friend6253
Replace Your Light Bulbs4217
Share A Bag Of Chips With Friends7275
Cheer For Your Favorite Team5245
Chase Racoons From Your Garbage5275
Read A Book Before Bedtime5224
Go Dancing In The City5182
Put A Decal On Your Car Window7243
Have Coffee With Friends4214
Have A Nice Day4124
Wash The Dishes After Dinner5244
Sew A Patch On A Pair of Jeans8233
Eat Breakfast in the Morning5243
Put On Makeup3113
Support Your Local Shops4217
Look At Clearance Priced Items5264
Eat Lunch At School4163
Record Your Favorite Show4226
Get Drinks with Your Friends5243
Chew & Swallow Food3154
Get A Shot From The Doctor.6213
Tape Posters On Your Wall5214
Run Errands At The Store5203
Set Your Clock Back An Hour.6223
Use A Sprinkler on The Lawn6223
Buy Food At The Grocery Store6243
Set Your Clocks Back And Hour6243
Tape Posters To Your Wall5214
Help an Elder Cross The Street6254
Make Lunch294
Text While Pooping3174
Protect Your Password3197


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  1. Love the game but don’t think that it’s as fun when you are someone else play or guess correctly and they are really cheating. It takes the fun out of the game that’s why you want to delete them or maybe even block they can’t play never or no more again.

  2. Love the game but don’t think that it’s as fun when you are someone else play or guess correctly and they are really cheating. It takes the fun out of the game that’s why you want to delete them or maybe even block they can’t play never or no more again. This website needs to be taken down or if would at least just give you a few letters as hints. It really really ruins the game because all you are doing is cheating. So please use some of my suggestions. I would gladly and really recommend that please will you.

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