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Country SayingsNumber
First Word Letters
Like Two Peas in a Pod6174
Go to Bed with the Chickens6222
It Ain't Over Till It's Over6212
Holler Like a Stuck Pig5196
Like a Bat Outta Hell5174
That Dog Won’t Hunt4154
Mend Fences2104
Madder Than a Wet Hen5176
Stubborn as a Mule4158
Go Hog Wild392
He Ain't Got a Pot to Pee in8202
Proud as Punch3125
Mean as a Snake4124
Scarce as Hen's Teeth4176
Easy as Fallin' Off a Log6194
It Ain't Over Till It's Over6202
Well, Shut My Mouth!4154
Either Fish or Cut Bait5196
Got Your Feathers Ruffled4223
Useless as Teats on a Bull6217
Come Sit A Spell4134
Site For Sore Eyes4154
Watching the Grass Grow4208
Too Big For One’s Britches5213
Have No Axe to Grind5164
All Hat & No Cadillac4163
Blind as a Bat4115
Stomping Grounds2158
Like a Bump on a Log6154
Gone Back on Your Raisin5204
Dumb as a Post4114
Nuttier Than a Squirrel Turd5247
You Can’t Baptize a Cat5183
Every Dog Has a Few Fleas6205
Brick Shy of a Load5155
Cute as a Bug4104
Drink Like A Fish4145
Sight For Sore Eyes4165
Uglier Than a Mud Fence5196
Ugly As Sin394
Well Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit9334
I’m fixin’ to…392
Open Up a Can o’ Whoop Ass7194
Ya’ll Come Back, Now4154
Reckon so286
You reckon?293
Got a Hitch in Your Giddyup6223
On The Same Page4142
Never Take A Wooden Nickel5225
A Guilty Dog Barks the Loudest6251
Two Shakes of a Sheep’s Tail6223
Dirt Rich and Dollar Poor5214
Shocked As A Tipped Cow5197
He’d Be Late For His Own Funeral7253
Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On6244
Angry Hens Lay Angry Eggs5215
Too Wet To Plow, And Too Hot To Fish9273
Slicker Than A Peeled Onion5237
Faster Than A New York Minute6246
No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk6242
A Few Fries Short of A Happy Meal8261
Like A Needle In Haystack5214
Like A Needle In A Haystack6224
He's Got Molasses in His Britches6273
Slower Than Molasses in January5276
As Dry As A Popcorn Fart6192
Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks7264
Tougher Than a Two Dollar Steak6267
Don’t Let The Tail Wag The Dog7234
Don’t Sell Your Mule To Buy A Plow8264
A Hard Head Makes A Soft Behind7251
What You See is What You Get7224
Lights Are On But No One’s Home7246
My Bucket’s Got A Hole in It7212
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors5274
Like Watching The Paint Dry5234
Finer Than Frog’s Hair4185
Pete’s Pa Pete Poked to the Pea Patch8295
It’s As Dry As a Popcorn Fart7223
May The Odds Be Forever Be in Your Favor.9323
Forest Engineer2146
My Buckets Got a Hole In It7212
Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone7263
Don’t Let Tail Wag The Dog6204
Richard The Third3157
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing.5211
De Casi No Se Muere Nadie6202
That's Gonna Leave A Mark5205
Watching The Paint Dry4198
The Jiminy Conjecture3193
Were The Same As Two Leafs On A Tree9284
All Hat & No Cattle4143
Ps And Qs – Mind Your5152
You Can Dream of Me – Steve Wariner7273
Beds Aren't Made For Jumping On6254
Mend Fence294


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