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Common IdiomsNumber
First Word Letters
As High as a Kite5132
Dry Run263
A Chip on Your Shoulder5191
X Marks the Spot4131
Once in a Blue Moon5154
Spring Cleaning2146
Buy a Lemon393
Make No Bones About4164
To the Bitter End4142
Keep Body and Soul Together5234
Keep an Eye on Him5144
Practice Makes Perfect3208
Cry Wolf273
Extend the Olive Branch4206
On Cloud Nine3112
Get Down To Brass Tacks5193
Full Monty294
The Bump273
Bend Over Backwards3174
You Are What You Eat5163
High Five284
From Rags to Riches4164
Blue Moon284
Go For Broke3102
An Axe to Grind4122
Cup of Joe383
Knee Jerk Reaction3164
Bite Your Tongue3144
Fools Gold295
When Pigs Fly3114
Add Fuel to the Fire5163
On The Fence3102
Fixed in Your Ways4155
No Room To Swing a Cat6172
Green Room295
Know the Ropes3124
Sick as a Dog4104
Gut Feeling2103
Tie The Knot3103
Wine and Dine3114
Rule of Thumb3114
Bring Home the Bacon4175
Last but not Least4154
A Piece of Cake4121
To Bet on the Wrong Horse6202
Time Out274
Pick Up Your Ears4144
The Best of Both Worlds5193
Break the Ice3115
Icing on the Cake4145
Cut the Mustard3133
Saved by the Bell4145
Monkey See, Monkey Do4176
Cast Iron Stomach3154
Hocus Pocus2105
Cut to the Chase4133
Pass the Buck3114
An Arm and a Leg5122
A Drop in the Bucket5161
Charley Horse2127
New Kid on the Block5163
Life’s Short, Play More4185
Stubborn as a Mule4158
Down to the Wire4134
To Lend a Hand4112
Knock on Wood3115
Without a Doubt3137
Use Your Loaf3113
Get Over It393
Break a Leg395
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie4183
Let’s Get The Ball Rolling5204
Get Your Walking Papers4203
It Takes Two to Tango5172
Third Time’s a Charm4165
Out Of The Blue4123
In the Bag382
Foaming at the Mouth4177
White Elephant2135
Curiosity Killed The Cat4219
Til the Cows Come Home5183
Feeding Frenzy2137
Close But No Cigar4155
No Dice262
Method To My Madness4176
That Takes The Cake4164
Whatever Floats Your Boat4228
Haste Makes Waste3155
To Be Full of Hot Air6162
All Bark and No Bite5163
Read the Riot Act4144
Paint the Town Red4155
A Slap on the Wrist5151
Pull the Plug3114
Apple of My Eye4125
High on the Hog4124
A Poker Face3101
Out On a Limb4103
A Penny for Your Thoughts5211
Dead Ringer2104
You Bet263
When It Rains It Pours5184
Pig in a Poke4103
Pig Out263
Elvis Has Left the Building5235
Spitting Image2138
Chow Down284
Ivy League293
Out on the Town4123
Driving Me Nuts3137
It Is a Small World5152
Cut in Line393
Out of Line393
In the Buff392
Come Hell Or High Water5194
Money Talks2105
Excuse my French3146
Beating Around the Bush4207
Chip on His Shoulder4174
Fly Off the Handle4153
Lend Me Your Ear4134
Keep Your Chin Up4144
A Doubting Thomas3151
The Last Straw3123
It Is a Deal492
Fiddling Your Feet3168
Hit the Nail on the Head6193
Liquor Someone Up3156
Give Him the Slip4144
Son of a Gun493
Twenty Three Skidoo3176
Raining Cats and Dogs4187
Back to Square One4154
Funny Farm295
Good Samaritan2134
Selling Like Hotcakes3197
Sight For Sore Eyes4165
Drink Like a Fish4145
At the Drop of a Hat6152
Funny Bone295
Flash in the Pan4135
Put a Sock in it5123
Loose Cannon2115
Sitting Shotgun2147
Hold Your Horses3144
A Dime a Dozen4111
Pipe Down284
Graveyard Shift2149
Devil’s Advocate2146
Flip The Bird3114
Beating A Dead Horse4177
Pedal to the Metal4155
In Hot Water3102
Talking Up a Blue Streak5207
Go Out On a Limb5122
Zero Tolerance2134
Flea Market2104
Cock and Bull Story4164
Baker’s Dozen2116
City by Night3114
Turn a Blind Eye4134
Smell a Rat395
Bite The Bullet3134
Mean as a Snake4124
He Lost His Head4132
Goody Two-Shoes2135
Against the Clock3157
Over The Top3104
French Kiss2106
Time Heals All Wounds4184
Hit the Hay393
It Grows as it Goes5152
Skid Row274
Cute as a Bug4104
Lunatic Fringe2137
In Your Face3102
Wag the Dog393
I Hear You381
Riding Shotgun2136
Put a Lid On It4113
Cannot Cut the Mustard4196
Start From Scratch3165
Long in the Tooth4144
Beat a Dead Horse4144
Dark Horse294
Nest Egg274
Cry Over Spilt Milk4163
Hit the Sack3103
Cross Your Fingers3165
Wild and Woolly3134
Off the Hook3103
Dropping Like Flies3178
Hit the Books3113
A Toss Up371
Run out of Steam4133
Go the Extra Mile4142
Kick the Bucket3134
Like a Bump on a Log6154
Brick Shy of a Load5155
Pulling Your Leg3147
Mum’s The Word3114
Mumbo Jumbo2105
Ballpark Estimate2168
New York Minute3133
Level Playing Field3175
Chew Someone Out3144
Have An Axe to Grind5164
By the Skin of My Teeth6182
Water Under the Bridge4195
Back Seat Driver3144
Field Day285
To Lose Your Shirt4152
Gone Back on Your Raisin5204
Crack Someone Up3145
Under the Weather3155
Peeping Tom2107
Greased Lightning2167
That’s The Way The Mop Flops6225
Up A Blind Alley4132
That’s How the Cookie Crumbles5255
That’s How the Zig Zags5185
Like the Fuzz On a Peach6194
Practice What You Preach4218
Don’t Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out10314
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs5213
Madder Than A Wet Hen5176
Well Shut My Mouth4154
To Lose Touch3112
Foam at the Mouth4144
Beside Oneself2136
On a Tear372
Out of the Loop3123
Misery Loves Company3186
Cock And Bull Story4164
In Like Flynn3112
Scratch Less, Purr More4197
Dog Days of Summer4153
Ring Fencing2114
It Is Anyone’s Call4152
Finding Your Feet3157
Sixth Sense2105
Rise And Shine3124
Fit As A Fiddle4123
Lets Get The Ball Rolling5214
All In The Same Boat5163
Head Over Heels3134
On Pins And Needles4162
Eighty Six296
All Greek To Me4123
The Whole Nine Yards4173
Drawing a Blank3137
Off On The Wrong Foot5173
On The Same Page4132
Drive Someone Up The Wall5215
Let Bygones Be Bygones5193
Over My Dead Body4144
To Have The Inside Track5202
To Look Like A Million Dollars6252
Variety Is The Spice of Life6237
Everything But The Kitchen Sink52710
Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Tools6264
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is7283
A Leopard Cannot Change His Spots6281
Heard Through The Grapevine4245
Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket9302
Barking Up The Wrong Tree5217
To Blow Ones Own Horn5172
Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You7285
The Ball Is In Your Court6203
You Have Got To Be Kidding Me7233
Rome Was Not Built in One Day7234
You Cannot Take It With You6223
Flesh and Blood3135
On the Wrong Side of the Tracks7252
Not Playing With a Full Deck6233
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining6265
Skeleton In The Closet4198
Two Heads Are Better Than One6243
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine7234
A Fish Rots From The Head Down7241
Back To The Drawing Board5214
What Goes Around Comes Around5254
You Have A One Track Mind6203
Van Gogh's Ear for Music5193
Actions Speak Louder Than Words5277
The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall8333
Finger Licking Good3176
Go Down Like A Lead Balloon6222
Hell In a Handbasket4174
Great Minds Think Alike4205
Birds of A Feather Flock Together6285
Between A Rock And A Hard Place7257
All That Glitters Is Not Gold6243
To Make A Long Story Short6212
Off The Record3123
Finger Lickin Good3166
There Is No Time Like The Present7275
Get Up On The Wrong Side of The Bed9273
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed8281
I Can Have My Cake And Eat It Too9251
To Steal Someones Thunder4222
Smell Something Fishy3195
Up To Snuff392
Let The Cat Out of The Bag7203
A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned7251
Sitting Shotgun2147
A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted8311
Blood Is Thicker Than Water5235
Cinco De Mayo3115
Bite Off More Than You Can Chew7254
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve6254
Suns Out Guns Out4144


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