Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

This page contains the Phrase Friends cheat database for the category Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Ben & Jerry's Ice CreamNumber
First Word Letters
Blueberry Vanilla Graham3229
Mint Chocolate Cookie3194
Chocolate Thunder2169
Milk & Cookies2114
Mango Mango2105
Chocolate Fudge Brownie3219
Chocolate Nougat Crunch3219
Mint Chocolate Chunk3184
Karamel Sutra2127
Vanilla Caramel Fudge3197
Chubby Hubby2116
Triple Caramel Chunk3186
Raspberry Fudge Chunk3199
Cinnamon Buns2128
Dublin Mudslide2146
Peanut Butter Cup3156
Americone Dream2149
Phish Food295
Pistachio Pistachio2189
Half Baked294
Cherry Garcia2126
Coffee Heath Bar Crunch4206
Chocolate Therapy2169
Cake Batter2104
Banana Split2116
Chunky Monkey2126
Coconut Seven Layer Bar4207
Candy Bar Pie3115
What a Cluster3124
Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch4217
Imagine Whirled Peace3197
Late Night Snack3144
Peanut Brittle2136
Vanilla Fudge Chip3167
Mud Pie263
Lemonade Stand2138
Banana Peanut Butter3186
Coffee Caramel Buzz3176
Oatmeal Cookie Chunk3187
Vanilla Honey Caramel3197
Sweet Cream & Cookie3165
Liz Lemon283
Fairtrade Vanilla2169
Strawberry Cheesecake22010
New York Super Fudge Chunk5223
Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl4269
Cheesecake Brownie21710
Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz5246
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough4249
Everything But The?31610
Ice Cream Cone3123


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