Star Wars

This page contains the Phrase Friends cheat database for the category Star Wars.

Star WarsNumber
First Word Letters
Imperial Shuttle2158
Darth Maul295
Rebel Trooper2125
Republic Assault Ship3198
Han Solo273
Imperial Officer2158
Darth Vader2105
Master Yoda2106
You’re My Only Hope4155
Lambda Class Shuttle3186
Death Star Trooper3165
Flash Speeder2125
Planet Tatooine2146
At Walker282
Qui-Gon Jinn2106
Tie Fighter Pilot3153
Storm Trooper2125
Jar Jar Binks3113
Queen Amidala2125
Refuge City2106
Planet Hoth2106
Imperial Gunner2148
Obi-Wan Kenobi3126
Emperor’s Royal Guard3188
Mace Windu294
Cloud City295
Naboo Royal Guard3155
General Grievous2157
Revenge of the Sith4167
Swamp Speeder2125
Pod Racer283
Tusken Raider2126
Death Star295
Use The Force, Luke4153
Womp Rat274
Count Dooku2105
Return of the Jedi4156
May The Force Be With You6203
The Emperor2103
Battle Droid2116
Droid Gunship2125
Land Speeder2114
Princess Leia2128
Snow Speeder2114
Imperial City2128
A Wing251
Jango Fett295
Speeder Bike2117
Clone Trooper2125
I Have Y Wing4101
Jedi Star Fighter3154
Luke Skywalker2134
Attack of the Clones4176
Anakin Skywalker2156
Sand Crawler2114
Star Destroyer2134
Galactic City2128
A New Hope381
X Wing251
The Phantom Menace3163
Boba Fett284
Much To Learn, You Still Have6234
Tie Fighter2103
Death Is A Natural Part of Life7255
Your Arrogance Blinds You4224
Admiral Ackbar2137
Planet Naboo2116
Y Wing251


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