Thank you for using our cheat site to help you win at the popular phrase guessing game: Phrase Friends. Please note that although we do our best to provide answers to the various categories in the game. We rely heavily on fan submissions of their answers to ensure the accuracy and speedy updates of this Phrase Friends Cheat fan site. Please submit your answers too if you have found this site helpful to your game play!


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    • Thank you for the note, we actually had the page but forgot to put it into the menu. It would’ve taken us a long time before we catch that mistake. The page has been placed into the many bar now. Thanks!

    • That’s happened to me before in country sayings I looked at all but none were my puzzle I still couldn’t find it but I figured it out it was every dog has a few fleas

    • Hello, I looked through the game and our list seems to be updated. Could you please let me know what I’d missed? Thanks!

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